Ecko Earth Wear is about bringing quality, special and unique clothing to you from the amazing land of Israel. We are very passionate about unique clothing and appreciate the incredible designers and artists that make this real!

We choose comfortable, stylish and fun clothes that will embrace your personality and express your individual lifestyle.

We handpick the most special designs and import them to Australia for you!


Ecko Earth Wear is grateful to be living this life of freedom, creating, dancing and growing with you.


Ecko Earth Wear is proud to import PlazmaLab & Dreadlocks products to Australia.

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About Our Brands

PlazmaLab (
All t-shirts, hoodies and other products are made at the Plazmalab studio in Israel. 
Everything is designed in house, at their urban studio overlooking the roofs of Tel Aviv. 
They say they are mostly inspired by stories and travels of the restless minds. 
Plazmalab do its best to keep its obligation by bringing the finest quality of each product, while keeping the handmade touch.
Presenting to all their friends from around the globe their own angle and perspective of this world today, hoping to spread Plazmalab's all-purpose wear, for all those twisted minds.

Dreadlocks (

Dreadlocks was founded in Israel in 1999 by Adi and Yoram Vinaver. Initially they were focused on designing fashion accessories, however as they grew they began designing comfortable, everyday clothes with unique patterned fabrics.

According to them they are affected by current fashion trends but are not bound by them.

In recent years Dreadlocks have sought to establish a high quality threshold combined with affordable prices for all their products. Dreadlocks are proud to produce the vast majority of each collection in Israel. The studio, factory and headquarters of Dreadlocks are located in the Western Galilee. The fashion network currently operates 8 stores and has it products available in dozens of other independent stores across the country.